Home at last

Home at last

I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but it’s a very exciting day and I’ve been up since 5am too wired to sleep. So I thought it would be a good time to say hi!

I arrived safely in Perth on Thursday evening. My flights were largely uneventful. As usual, I didn’t sleep a wink (I can never sleep on planes at the best of times, but the aforementioned excitement didn’t help).

Caffe Nero at Dubai airport sells vegetable sticks with yoghurt dip! I was apparently too excited by this to take a focused picture.

veg sticks

From 1am to 3am local time, I was standing up in the airport semi-dancing, talking out loud to myself while practicing French, and eating vegetable sticks and drinking hot chocolate. I must have looked like a right weirdo.

We were stuck on the tarmac at Dubai for 45 minutes before take off, and the pilot said “it’s a good thing we have a quick flight path ahead of us at only 10 hours and 15 minutes today”. I had to laugh, as only Australians would agree that’s a short flight!

I was sadly in the window seat next to an elderly couple, so I only got up twice in 10 hours. Usually, because I don’t sleep, I like to stand up once an hour or so but I felt bad asking them to move. I watched five movies, read and ate like a champ. The food on Emirates is so good – please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks so?!

It took 90 minutes to get out of Perth airport. Now I remember why I left! Everything moves at a snail’s pace over here.

My mum made me my favourite dinner: spinach and ricotta canneloni. It brightened my mood, which had been crushed when I arrived to pouring rain (I only packed dresses and shorts – oops!).


On Friday, I caught up with a friend for pedicures and cake.

perth cake

On Saturday, I ran about all day. I had brunch on the beach, but it was still raining on and off all day so there was no swimming involved.

eggs chorizo


I managed to sun tan for about 20 minutes but still look like a ghost.


Then I dragged my butt to the gym. I hadn’t done any exercise since Tuesday so it was good to lift something.

I love Muscle Pit! Everyone is so nice and it’s such a great training atmosphere. They have all the equipment I could ever need and, more importantly, an abundance of space in which to use it!




I did six sets of deadlifts with 107.5kg (237lbs). I was disappointed that these felt heavier than I would have liked, but then I reminded myself I’d been sitting on my butt for four days straight.

I didn’t film them as I didn’t want to be “that girl” in the gym, but I did film my rows once the gym cleared out. It was so hot in the gym that I actually sweat through the crotch of my tights. So sexy.

Explosive 60kg rows

Saturday night was dinner and dancing with my bestie. We are twins and ordered the same thing: beef short rib with mashed potatoes.


It was so much fun and just like the good old days!


Yesterday I slept in until 10.30am (what!) and then made my way back to the gym. I was in the gym for almost two hours on a Sunday at noon, and I was the only person in there. WTF.

45kg (100lb) log press

I did log pressing, strict pressing, and some tricep and core work before heading outside for some events training. I haven’t practiced any events since September (!!) so this was horrible. I was sweating like a fat guy.

I did five rounds of prowler pushes with 100kg (I think?) and three loading medleys with a keg. I wanted to die.

muscle pit

I then had dinner on the beach. More meat and mash! How predictable.

Osso buco!

Osso buco!



Today I am babysitting in the morning and then seeing someone I have been waiting six months to meet. Eeep. Thankfully the weather is beautiful today – a positive sign, methinks!

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