Long time, no speak

Long time, no speak

Sorry for disappearing, but I am alive and well! I don’t even know where to begin…

The past two weeks have been amazing yet also incredibly sad. I was in Australia for a few reasons, which I’m still not really ready to talk about properly, but it has definitely been a life-changing trip. I fly back to London today, having survived the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to make.

I have a lot of decisions to make about my future. My heart is pulling me in one direction, and I’m trying not to let my previous life experiences ruin something which I genuinely feel happy about.

What I can say confidently is that I will be leaving London. Not immediately, but likely in early 2016. I have been thinking about it for a while, and this trip has confirmed it. Now I just have to make the big decision of what country to move to (spoiler: it won’t be Australia!).

Training has been far from ideal over the past few weeks, as my head hasn’t exactly been in it. I’m a little worried about competing in six weeks time, as the weights are really heavy and I’m yet to practice any of the actual competition events. But it’s not like I haven’t pulled it out of the bag before!

I’ve been training at Muscle Pit in Perth. I’ve been following a regular powerlifting-style of programming, with some random events training (farmers walks, loading medleys and prowler pushes) thrown in every few days. I haven’t done any cardio outside of this at all, so I feel like a fat guy.

Everything has felt really heavy. I don’t know if it’s the heat getting to my transformed Pom blood, or the fact that my mind has been otherwise occupied, but I have not been having good training sessions.

My trip to Sydney went by in a flash. I was lucky enough to arrive in the middle of a torrential downpour that lasted three days!

I went to Cafe Sydney but I was too distracted by my date to take a picture of the view, which was stunning even in the rain. I bought a new dress and shoes for the occasion!

cafe sydney

While I was in Sydney, I attended a two-day powerlifting seminar hosted by Ed Coan and Paul Carter. I was lucky enough to spend a large amount of time with these guys, as we were in Perth together as well. It was very cool to say that I was just casually going out for breakfast/lunch/dinner with the greatest powerlifter of all time (and Paul ;)).


The seminar was really great and covered a lot of theory about on- and off-season competition training as well as practical application.

Paul attempting to fix my horrible bench...

Paul attempting to fix my horrible bench…

I squatted 100kg, which is the most I’ve ever done without wraps. Paul just changed my bar position slightly and it felt easy. I did my first proper squat session on Saturday, and my back was actually bruised. I may need to apply the bar pad 😉

We tweaked my deadlift by raising my hips slightly and starting with the bar a little further away from me, but it will be a few weeks before I hit any PRs there – at the moment, everything feels horribly uncomfortable!

I have been eating like a horse, but somehow I haven’t gained a pound. There was a two week period that went by where I only ate two meals at home. Oops.

I will miss Aussie coffee!

I will miss Aussie coffee!

sydney salmon

baked eggs

Sushi is amazing in this country. I made two trips to Makoto when I was in Sydney. I die for their eel.

perth sushi

I didn’t really have time to do anything until my very last day, when my friend took me to one of Sydney’s supposed best burger joints: Mary’s in Newtown. As she warned me, it does look like a crack den, but it is pretty good.


Because we weren’t fat enough by that point, we then went to The Pie Tin afterwards and had this Oreo pie. OMG.


Aside from eating and lifting, I’ve also been taking an obnoxious amount of selfies in my mum’s giant mirror…

red dress

… And spending lots of time at the beach. I’m very sad to be going home today (home for now).

cott beach

Update me about your lives!

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