A day in the life of my stomach

A day in the life of my stomach

I try to write a post featuring all of my daily meals every few months, as I think it’s important to see an example of a woman who doesn’t eat like a rabbit.

From January until April, I was following a deficit and eating 2000-2200 calories per day (I used My Fitness Pal throughout this time). I lost 6 kilograms and arrived in Australia weighing 72.7kg.

When I was in Australia, my “diet” went out the window. I stopped tracking macros and ate whatever, whenever. I’ve been back in London for a little over three weeks now and I’ve been eating intuitively. My caloric intake has been much higher – somewhere around 3000 calories per day – and my carb intake in particular has increased.

Somehow, I’ve only gained half a kilogram in the past six weeks, which means great things: I won’t have to cut weight for my competition in two weeks’ time! I know I have previously mentioned that the very act of tracking calories can increase cortisol levels and make fat loss harder, but my body is very good proof of this. It has an amazing ability to maintain its weight when I pay no attention to what I’m eating, but I’m not complaining.

Breakfast always involves three eggs and coffee. It’s non-negotiable. Twice a week (the days I deadlift and dance) I also have a cup of oats with honey and peanut butter.


Call me a bodybuilder, but I’m absolutely addicted to roasted broccoli. I often have a head of broccoli and one chicken breast for lunch. Three times a week (squat, deadlift, and dancing day) I have carbs at lunch. Yesterday I had chicken, rice, veg, cheese and guac in anticipation of smashing some deadlifts.


In the afternoon, about 90 minutes before I train, I have a banana with two tablespoons of peanut/almond butter and more coffee. Sometimes I have dark chocolate-covered rice cakes too, because I’m addicted. On the days I don’t train, I usually just skip this snack (but not the coffee!).

Some kind of Paleo balls... #twss

With some kind of Paleo balls… #twss

Dinner/post-workout is where the magic happens! This is my biggest meal of the day and will usually involve steak, burgers, chicken or salmon, a big ole helping of carbs, and some veggies.

Post-squat burgers!

Post-deadlift pasta... preparing myself for Italy!



After dinner, I always have two squares of Lindt sea salt alongside a cup of tea. My routine is scarily predictable.

Best. Chocolate. Ever.

Best. Chocolate. Ever.


This week my appetite has been out of control, so I have been having one of these for dessert too.


On the weekends, I typically only eat three meals per day as I tend to eat out a lot more. Weekends mean delicious things like pancakes, burgers and tacos. I don’t fast, save my macros or anything like that. I just take each meal as it comes.




This weekend I’m heading to Street Feast and ready to gorge myself on everything on offer. Seriously, click that link if you want to see some epic food porn. I’m trying to eat all the foods before I leave London.

When I do an events training session, I typically just add in an extra meal in the afternoon and an extra dessert at the end of the day – something delicious like doughnuts, ice cream or cake! I will also have the most sugar-filled coffee I can find right before I train (java chip frappuccino, anyone?). I’m always the pinnacle of health.

So that’s my life on a plate! Did anything surprise you? What’s your favourite meal of the day?

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