Post-competition gluttony

Post-competition gluttony

Apologies for the lack of quality posts lately but, given I am moving to Rome in two weeks tomorrow (!!!!), I sadly have other, more pressing things occupying my time.

As I mentioned, I am hoping to test all my one rep maxes before I shoot off. This meant that, while I would typically take almost a full week off after a competition, I was back into the gym on Wednesday to commence a mini three week cycle running from 85 to 100 per cent. All those carefully-laid plans soon went to hell when I was struck down by a mystery illness, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

On Monday, I was up at the crack of dawn to travel down to Eastbourne with Em, who was competing in the GPC European Championship the following day.

I felt like I had been run over by a truck, and poor Em had to deal with all my whingeing (not that there’s much difference there!). I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sore after a comp since my very first one. It was mainly in my back, but the pain ran all the way from traps to my hips and lower back.

While Em weighed in backstage, I casually watched women beasting out 270kg squats. It quickly put a stop my whining.

gpc euro

We dumped our bags at our hotel and then hopped back on the train to Brighton, where we met our fellow lifting friend, Sam. We then proceeded to take part in the usual post-weigh-in gluttony. What can I say, I’m an excellent training partner for willing to make such sacrifices.

First up, we stopped for lunch at the Mash Tun. Of course, we had burgers. It was as good as it looked.

mash tun

We headed back to the seaside and had ice creams which were almost as big as our heads. I can’t remember the three flavours I had, but one was salted caramel peanut butter. Enough said.

brighton ice cream

We lay down on the “beach” (I still find it hard to call a bunch of rocks a beach!) and I took a nap.

Brighton Beach

We then decided we hadn’t had enough dessert, so we went for cake and tea. I stuck with the theme of the day and had a salted caramel cupcake.


We were all in a bit of a food coma by this stage, so we decided to head back to our hotel in Eastbourne. I fell asleep again in the car. I swear I never nap but I was knackered from the day before.

We lay around in our room and then headed out for fish and chips, because we clearly needed more junk food in our lives. I’ve lived in the UK for three and a half years, and never had British fish and chips! We found what was supposedly the best fish and chips in Eastbourne. It was good, but it was nothing on my hometown.

eastbourne fish and chips

The next morning, we joined Em in her carb-loading with a buffet breakfast. We arrived at the auditorium at 12pm, as Em was due to start lifting at 1.30pm.

Thus began one of the longest days of my life. The backstage area was for athletes-only, so I was all by my lonesome for most of the day. I had work to keep me occupied, but my butt was officially numb by the time presentations rolled around at 9pm.

Em came third in her weight class! I am very proud of her <3

food coma

Because I worked so hard, I celebrated with donuts: caramelised biscoff and salted caramel cheesecake.


I didn’t get home until almost midnight but it was worth it. It was awesome to see the top lifters in Europe in action, and they made me feel incredibly weak. The women in my weight class were opening with 150kg squats and 80kg bench presses. Do I even lift?

On Wednesday, I headed to the gym. My back was still in agony, but I had a schedule to follow!

Wednesday – Bench
Bench press: 20kg x 12, 40kg x 5, 45kg x 5, 51kg x 3 x 3
Neutral DB press: 16.5kg x 10 x 3
Lat raises: 6kg x 15 x 3
Cable overhead extensions: 30kg x 15 x 3
Bar pushdowns: 30kg x 15 x 3

I focused on hitting all of my main sets, and kept everything else easy. It felt surprisingly good! Maybe I was feeling inspired after seeing such amazing benching the previous day…

51kg (112lb) bench

On Friday, I had every intention of deadlifting, but I woke up feeling like absolute death. I have no idea what it was, but I could barely move without wanting to vomit all day. I did manage to drag myself out of bed to get a massage, which was absolutely blissful.

Missing that session means that I now only have one practice run before I attempt 140kg. Damn it. I really don’t think one session will make any difference, so I’m not allowing myself to make any excuses.

Sunday – Overhead
Log press: 30kg x 8, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 3, 45kg x 3 x 3
Incline DB press: 14kg x 12 x 3
DB snatch: 16.5kg x 5, 21.5kg x 3 x 3
Pull ups: 5 x 3 (assisted!)
DB curls: 10kg x 12 x 3
DB side bends: 14kg x 15 x 3

I still felt a little weak and tired, so I raced through my workout as quickly as possible.

45kg (100lb) log press

I have done absolutely no packing for my move so I had a minor freak out on the weekend. Rather than getting rid of everything and condensing my life into one suitcase like I normally do when I move, I’m going to send two boxes of clothes home to Perth, where I will pick them up at some point. It will make packing one bag a hell of a lot easier, but I still have lots to get rid of. In the meantime, it’s fun playing dress up.

ball gown

I finally booked my accommodation last week too. I will be staying in Pigneto, which is the “artist” (AKA hipster) capital of Rome and is just 20 minutes away from the Colosseum. I’m taking things one step at a time, and still have no idea where I will head in August.

Have you ever watched an international lifting competition? How long in advance do you start packing for a move (humour me!)?

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