My first e-book!

My first e-book!

The most common search term which leads people to my blog is some variation of “how do I repair my metabolism?”

In the four years I have been blogging, I have often mentioned my personal journey of repairing my metabolism in detail and briefly touched on the science behind why metabolic damage occurs.

I spent a long time restricting my calories to severe levels while performing hours and hours of cardio each day. I never had the physique I wanted, and I suffered a host of hormonal and digestive problems. The worst part was that no matter how strictly I dieted, or how much further I slashed my calories, I could not lose weight. In fact, I seemed to gain weight any time I remotely stepped off plan. I was utterly miserable in every way imaginable.

When I decided to start reverse dieting, I found little information to help me. It appears that many of you feel similarly frustrated by the lack of awareness of the issue.

Many of you seem to be putting your body through extended periods of restriction to see little return. Many of you know that you need to increase your calories and improve your hormonal health, but do not know where to begin.

In August 2014, I started compiling notes to put towards an e-book. I studied metabolic damage in every source I could find, and I closely tracked what methods did and did not work with my nutrition clients.

book cover

Finally, almost one year later, I have produced an e-book which contains all of my knowledge and guidance for overcoming metabolic damage. My goal is to help as many people as possible by revealing the full strategy of my coaching.

For more information about what the book covers and to read some of my client testimonials, please click here.

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