Cost of living for two weeks in Naples

Cost of living for two weeks in Naples

We know that Naples wasn’t my favourite place on earth, but one thing which cannot be faulted about the city is how cheap everything is! As I did for Rome, here is a list of my full expenses for the two weeks I spent in Naples.



€210 ($236)


€40 ($45)

Dining out

€204 ($229)

Public transport

€18 ($20)

Entertainment (museums, etc)

€58 ($65)

Gym membership

€25 ($28)



Phone bill

€15 ($17)

Train ticket from Naples to Florence

€29 ($32)


€20 ($22)


€619 ($695)


  • I stayed in a hostel on the beach in a town five miles from Naples city centre. This expense was on par with staying in an Airbnb property.
  • In two weeks, I think I only prepared five of my own meals. So, when you are looking at the budget above, keep in mind that I ate almost every single meal in a restaurant! I would have gone bankrupt if I attempted that in London. I was also drinking alcohol almost every single night (welcome to hostel life).
  • I felt like I was blowing through money in Naples, so I’m shocked at how little I actually spent! It was surprisingly less than half the cost of my month in Rome. Unlike my Rome budget, this one is slightly more indicative of what you might actually spend as a tourist.
  • I didn’t actually join a gym while I was in Naples – I just paid for a day’s entry on three separate occasions.
  • My train ticket to Florence is actually “expensive”, as I was in first class. It was a three hour train journey, which was made a thousand times better by the fact I was in an air conditioned carriage which had leather seats, power points, and free food and drinks (including wine!). Given all that, I have to say it again: it’s ridiculous how expensive train travel is in the UK.
Naples - the home of delicious and cheap pizza!

Naples – the home of delicious and cheap pizza!

Finally, I have added a Nomad page to the top of my blog, which links to all of my similar posts about nomad life. Based on the emails I’ve received lately, some of you do find these types of posts interesting – it makes me extremely happy to hear that I am actually inspiring people to start living like this!

What is the cheapest city you have ever visited?

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