Cost of living for one month in Florence

Cost of living for one month in Florence

Like everything in Italy, I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap Florence was. It’s such a beautiful city and reminds me a lot of Paris, but about half as expensive. It wasn’t quite as cheap as Naples but far more affordable than somewhere like London!

I was there for 34 days, so the following is my expenditure for the first 30.



€570 ($644)


€266 ($300)

Dining out

€271 ($306)

Public transport

€0 ($0)

Entertainment (museums, etc)

€23 ($26)

Gym membership

€70 ($79)


€40 ($45)

Phone bill

€15 ($17)

Bus ticket from Florence to Venice

€2 ($2)


€81 ($92)


€1338 ($1513)


  • I stayed in an Airbnb property which was a 15 minute walk from the city centre (hence why I didn’t use public transport once). It was a three bedroom apartment, which I had to myself more than half the time.


  • My dining out bill is higher than it was in Rome, but I ate out almost every single day – even if it was just a panini and gelato!
  • Gyms are expensive in Florence, as they are still somewhat of a novelty. My gym was actually comparatively cheap.
  • I “splurged” on a new dress, as I am starting to get sick of wearing the same clothes over and over.
  • No, the cost of that (four hour journey) bus ticket is not a typo. I am a travel jedi!
  • My miscellaneous purchases were three French books, my French language course renewal, and a VPN service so I can watch Netflix. #priorities

What’s the cheapest train/bus you’ve ever caught between cities?

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