A week in Trieste

A week in Trieste

Trieste was, hands-down, my favourite city in Italy. One of my friends in London told me I absolutely had to go there, and I’m so glad I took his advice. It was the perfect place to finish up my travels in Italy, as I was able to get a bus directly from there to Split (which is also amazing, but more on that later!) from there. Every time I told an Italian I was heading to Trieste, they seemed puzzled, as it’s not exactly a tourist hotspot.

And I think that’s why I loved it. In the whole week I was there, I heard English spoken exactly three times. It’s a good thing I’m basically fluent in Italian now. Joking. My Italian sucks.


Trieste is my idea of the perfect city. It has all the things I look for in a city such as good restaurants, attractive people (haha) and beaches. It also appeared to have a very happening nightlife scene, but I was boring and did not partake.

I arrived at 6.30pm on a Saturday night. I must have stood out as a dumb tourist, grinning like a fool as the train pulled in to one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.

My happiness only increased when I arrived at my apartment and saw the amazing view of the harbour from my bedroom window. I had a two bedroom apartment to myself for a week, right in the city centre. I love Airbnb.


I immediately dumped my bags and literally ran to the harbour to catch the sunset.






I was in awe of how beautiful the city was, and sat on the pier to watch the sunset almost every day.

trieste sunset



(Can I take a moment to point out that I took that picture above, in the main piazza, at 8pm on a Saturday night? If I had been in Rome/Florence/Venice, I would not have been able to see that building due to swarms of tourists.)

I wish I could capture it better on film. If this ever stops being beautiful to me, I will know there is something wrong in my life.

trieste view

I didn’t do any real touristy stuff while I was there. Most days I’d wake up and eat breakfast looking at my beautiful view, work for a few hours, and then walk around the city.

Waking up to this never got old...

Waking up to this never got old…







I went to Lanterna/Pedocin a couple of times, which is the only sex-segregated beach left in Italy. After three months of dealing with Italian sleazeballs, it was a welcome relief to lay around half-naked and not be harassed.


My only complaint is that it was cold during my last three days. I wore pants for the first time in three months. I am so not ready for winter. Literally. I have no winter clothes other than two pairs of long workout pants and a winter coat.

Trieste is famous for its old literary cafes, where many famous writers used to hang out. I tried Tommaseo and Stella Polare, but my absolute favourite was Caffe San Marco

san marco2

Caffe San Marco was founded in 1914 and attacked during WWI. The first time I walked in, it took my breath away. It has now cemented itself as my favourite cafe in the world. I really want to go back and hide away here for a winter.

san marco

I spent the entirety of my final day in Trieste in this place. How do people go to Starbucks when places like this exist?!

san marco3

Stella Polare was pretty good, too. It was kinda cool to say I was writing in the same cafe where James Joyce wrote Ulysses.


I only ate out three times, so this part is easy. To be honest, Italian food had finally lost its appeal on me, so I didn’t need to go crazy.

La Cucina di Bea e Benny
This place was ridiculous. I read a few reviews online, and they all mentioned how big the portions were. I rolled my eyes – don’t they know I’m a strongwoman?

Carbs = serotonin = happiness #sciencebitch

Carbs = serotonin = happiness #sciencebitch

Dear god. It’s the first time I’ve been defeated by food in a long time. I had three bowls and I was still only halfway through that massive platter, so I called it quits and nursed my food baby all the way home. Oh, and did I mention it was only €7? I don’t know how this place stays in business! 


If I was a resident of Trieste, I’d be heading here after every squat and deadlift session.

Lab Lunch Aperitif Bar
This place was always busy and had great reviews online, so I had to check it out. The only downside was that they had no menu, so I had to rely on the waiter telling me what they had to offer. I recognised the words vodka and bacon, so went with that option. It was a good choice.

trieste pasta

Trattoria Nerodiseppia
I saved this place for my last day. I wanted to take myself somewhere semi-fancy to celebrate my final day in Italy.

I wasn’t going to order an appetiser, but the table next to me ordered this and I had to have it. It was prosciutto and tuna, with eggplant and buffalo mozzarella. Holy hell. It was good. And it was nice to have something other than pasta…


…but who am I kidding? I had to have spaghetti vongole for my last meal in Italy. It would have been a crime not to.


On to the gelato! I tried to fool myself into thinking that I wouldn’t have gelato in Trieste, but that evidently didn’t happen.

I had started to think that I was over gelato, until I walked into this place and saw the spread on offer.


I had bacio and salted caramel. The bacio was so-so, but the salted caramel was the best I’ve ever had in my life.


Gelato Zampoli
This place was right behind my apartment, so I can’t believe I only went here once. I ordered stracietella and Nutella. They were both incredible.


Gelato Marco
This was my very last gelato in Italy, and likely my last gelato for a while (that said, there are three gelato shops on my street in Split!). I had kinder cereali and dark chocolate, and savoured every bite.


And here is what I spent during my week in Trieste.



€143.50 ($160)


€75 ($83)

Dining out

€86 ($96)

Public transport

€0 ($0)

Entertainment (museums, etc)

€0 ($0)

Gym membership

€0 ($0)


€0 ($0)

Phone bill

€0 ($0)

Bus ticket from Trieste to Split

€30 ($33)


€0 ($0)


€334.50 ($373)


  • My apartment couldn’t have been more central, so I didn’t need public transport to get anywhere.
  • I didn’t train. If I’m only in a place as beautiful as this for a week, I don’t want to waste any time in a gym.
  • Everything is insanely cheap. For fun, I looked at property prices. One bedroom apartments right on the water are going for €65-70k, and three bedroom places were less €150,000. After living in London and Australia for so long, this is just crazy.

I will definitely go back one day (to get pretty much anywhere in Europe via bus, I have to go via Trieste), but I’m not allowed to re-enter a Schengen region for the next 90 days.

I’m not moving for the next three months, so this will be my last travel post for a while!

What’s your idea of a perfect city?

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