Training with Nic in Split

Training with Nic in Split

I haven’t blogged about Croatia yet but, given that I had a friend stay with me last week and therefore did a bunch of tourist things, now is the perfect chance.

nic and me

My friend wasn’t just any friend – some of you might recognise her as Nic from The Fit Writer! Nic and I have been blog buddies for years. We were due to meet three years ago but life got in the way. We stayed in touch and then made plans for her to come and spend a week with me in Split. 




The weather leading up to Nic’s arrival was perfect, but it started raining mere hours before she was due to arrive. It barely stopped until she left on Thursday, when it immediately became clear again. She must be cursed.

Our grand plans of cocktails on the beach needed some reworking. Naturally, the gym was a great indoor activity for us. Nic is a bodybuilder who has recently done her first two strongwoman competitions. I made her do some low rep powerlifting training, while she inflicted bodybuilding torture techniques on me.

Day one was squats. We did:
Back squats working up to 5 x 5 @ 85kg
Paused front squats: 3 x 10-12 @ 40kg
Glute bridges: 3 x 10-12 @ 90kg
Straight leg deadlifts: 4 x 10-12 @ 60kg
Glute kickbacks
A few half-hearted sets on the ab machines…

My squats

Nic’s squats

Those front squats may have only been 40kg, but they made me want to vomit. We were working on tempo: three counts down, hold for one second at the bottom, and then up again. I never squat anything for more than five reps, so that was… fun…

nic deadlift

Day two was bench. We did:
Bench press working up to 5 x 5 @ 47.5kg (105lbs)
Neutral grip DB press: 3 x 10 @ 16kg
Incline DB flyes superset with incline DB press: 3 x 12 of each
Rope pushdowns superset with underhand bar pushdowns: 3 x 12 of each

My bench

Nic’s bench

My chest ached for three days afterwards thanks to that horrible superset. I was only using 8kg dumbbells or something ridiculous, but my arms turned to jelly. 

DB press

Split is a small city, so the rest of the time was spent walking around, heading to the beach when we could, and gossiping over food and wine. We also had a lovely girly day getting massages.







On one of the nicer days, we headed to an island. We wanted to go to Hvar but there is only one ferry a day (at 7.30am – who the heck wakes up before 10 in this country?!), so we went to Brac instead.




brac selfie

We discovered what has now become my new favourite restaurant. Buffet Fife is about two minutes from my place, cheap as anything, and awesomely delicious. We ate there every day except one during Nic’s trip.





All of these meals, including drinks and coffees, were between £10-15 total.

I had planned to eat here every day for the next three months, but those plans were foiled too when they told us they will soon be closing for renovations for one month. Damn it! 

We also ate at Bokeria. I had some sort of truffle prosciutto magic, while Nic had seafood pasta.

truffle pasta

At Zinfandel we shared veal tongue with polenta and cranberries, and calamari stuffed with ricotta with hummus on the side – which sounds super random, but was really good.


Nic also wanted to try pizza, understandably so. We went to Portas, but I can’t remember exactly what we ordered. Something meaty.
split pizza

I thought finding a place to eat breakfast was difficult in Italy, but my god. On Nic’s first day, we went to four different cafes before we gave up. Only the touristy places serve breakfast; everywhere else is just coffee only. Locals appear to grab a pastry from one of the many bakeries around, or just wait until lunch to eat.

A rare find

A rare find

Not that I’m complaining about eating pastries.

split pastries

Here in Croatia, you order “coffee with cream”, which is pretty much the best thing ever. It’s served with Croatian cream which, according to our waiter, is the best cream in the world. It tastes like vanilla ice cream. I currently have some sitting in my freezer and have totally accepted the fact I’m going to turn into a whale.

We also ate a lot of gelato. It’s not as good as it was in Italy, but I’m hardly about to turn down the chance to have gelato. 

gelato selfie

gelato selfie2

I live right in the heart of the Old Town, which is just awesome. 

split view





The city itself is super peaceful and a lovely change of pace from some of the other places I’ve been. My days are super chilled out and I feel incredibly relaxed. I am totally fine with the idea of staying put for the next 2.5 months.




Anyone who has travelled to this part of the world will know how good looking everyone is. I’ve blogged about all the hot people in Montenegro before, and Croatia does not disappoint. All the men are tall (6’5 is not unusual here), dark and handsome, and the women are stunning. Not to mention I find the deep, masculine Croatian accent/language super hot. With all these things in mind, we had a great time perving on all the hotties.

I’m currently trying to plan where I’m off to next. I will be leaving here just before Christmas and I will be travelling with a friend for a couple of weeks. We are currently thinking of heading to Morocco, Cairo, Reykjavik or Budapest. We are equally useless at planning ahead so are literally just spitting out names of random places that neither of us have already been to (which is not easy as she is a travel jedi).

If you could go anywhere in Europe/Africa during winter, where would you go?

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