Croatian day in the life

Croatian day in the life

Today’s post is for those curious people out there who would like to see what I eat in an average day, as well as what the heck I get up to each day.

I chose to document this past Monday. Before I go any further, please remember that my goal right now is fat loss so my calories are lower than normal. Enjoy!

9.30am: Rise and shine
I wake up any time between 9 and 11, depending on what I have scheduled for the day and how late I stayed up the night before. Hey, I’m European now.

The first thing I always do is check my emails and IG and Facebook notifications. I then drag myself out of bed and take the two steps to my kitchen (yes, seriously – I live in a studio apartment) to make myself a cup of coffee. I can’t function without coffee.

9.45-11am: Edit articles and post blog
The first work-related task I do each morning is edit whatever I have worked on the previous day (alongside the work I do here, I’m also a freelance journalist), when I am bright-eyed.

I had pre-written Monday’s post on Sunday, so I quickly added some pictures and published it.

11am: Breakfast!
I’ve been eating the same thing for breakfast for months now, so this is easy. In fact, I think I’ve had eggs for breakfast every single day for about six years. If it ain’t broke…

I scrambled three whole eggs with mushrooms, and parmesan. I usually add prosciutto, too, but I had run out. I also had a banana with peanut butter on the side, and another coffee.

breakfast croat

As I made breakfast, I turned on the French radio station which I listen to during the day. While I’m eating, I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook and Instagram feeds. I then responded to emails for about half an hour, and got ready for the gym.

12.30pm-2.30pm: Gym time!
(It takes me 20 minutes to walk to and from the gym, so that is factored into this time as well.)

Monday was leg day! This is what I did:
Squats: 20kg x 8, 8, 40kg x 6, 60kg x 5, 80kg x 5, 90kg x 3, 97.5kg x 5 x 3 sets
Paused squats: 67.5kg x 5 x 3 sets
Good mornings: 50kg x 12 x 3 sets
Walking lunges: 12kg dumbbells x 20 x 3 sets
Glute kickbacks: 35kg x 15 x 4 sets (per side)

My butt was throbbing before I even left the gym, so I knew the DOMS from this one was going to be brutal. I was right – I’m still finding it hard to sit down and stand up today!

97.5kg (215lb) squats

2.30pm: Lunch
I threw together a quick lunch of burgers (holla!) with cheese, mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. My “dessert” was another coffee.

I typically always have red meat at lunch, with either potatoes or bread as my carb source.


While eating, I cleared the rest of my inbox and wrote a quick to-do list for the afternoon.

3-5pm: Writing time
There are about 50 cafes on my doorstep, so I like to work in one of them for a couple of hours almost every day. I never connect to wifi and instead use the time to write without distraction.

Not a bad office, huh?

Not a bad office, huh?

I worked on a magazine feature, proofread another project, and wrote one client training program.

While I was working, I had… wait for it… another coffee – but this time with cream! Croatian coffee is no joke. Four coffees a day is really nothing compared to what most Croatians and Italians have.

croat coffee

5-6.30pm: Program writing and client check-ins
I sent off a few weekly check-ins with my clients, and updated a couple of nutrition programs. While I was working, I had two cups of chocolate chai tea (only the best thing ever) and an apple with peanut butter. I finally found a place that sells PB so I’ve been going a little crazy. I wasn’t actually hungry but figured I should eat something to hold me over until dinner.

(I forgot to take a picture of my apple but use your imagination!)

6.30-8pm: French
I have been learning French since the start of the year (I don’t just listen to French radio and watch French news for fun!), and I make sure to study for an hour or two every day.

8-10pm: Dance class
(Again, the class itself is only an hour but I’m factoring in walking time.)

Monday’s hip hop class was so much fun! It feels good to take classes again after a few months off. I stayed for a little while afterwards to chat with the other women in my class, who invited me to a Halloween party this weekend. Frankly, I’m surprised that they celebrate Halloween over here – this is the first I’ve heard of it!

10.30pm: Dinner time
Yes, I eat dinner late. Yesterday I read an article about faux pas in New York, and one was eating before 7pm, because New Yorkers eat “late”. Lolz.

This reminds me of the time I was meeting someone for dinner in Italy and I suggested 9pm. They said “okay, grandma” and we met at 11pm instead.

I heated up leftover gnocchi for dinner. I made this with turkey sausage and a whole heap of vegetables. I swear these bowls are tiny and that’s why I’m eating out of two.


While I ate dinner, I watched French news and checked my Facebook and Instagram feeds again.

11pm-1am: More emails and life organisation
I typically work for another hour or so after dinner. I was recently commissioned to write a book for a publishing company, and I had the final round of revisions to go through. After that, I lost track of time looking at apartments and dreaming about my life in Paris (I’m 99 per cent sure that’s where I’m heading next) – all while drinking more chocolate tea.

1am-2am: Down time
My guilty pleasure is that I recently resumed watching One Tree Hill. On Monday, I happened to watched the final episode of the series – which is crazy considering I started watching it eight years ago. It takes me a really long time to get through a TV series, okay?! This is dreadfully embarrassing, but I cried throughout most of the final season. I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore. 

tea time

While I watched OTH, I had another cup of tea and a few squares of dark chocolate. I can’t find my beloved sea salt Lindt here, but coconut is a decent substitute. I have chocolate every day, without fail.

Then, finally, lights out! I hope someone found that interesting 😉 And see, nomad life isn’t all glitz and glamour – I actually have to work, too! 

Is there one food you have to eat every day? Team Brooke or Team Peyton?

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