Workouts and Hvar

Workouts and Hvar

It’s been a while since I recapped an entire week’s worth of workouts. Given that I seem to be documenting most other aspects of my life by blogging about Nic’s eight week challenge, I thought I’d share my workouts, too.

Last week was the fifth week of my eight week periodisation cycle. Each week, I add a little more weight to the bar until I reach around 90 per cent of my one rep maxes in the final week – at which point I will start again at around 65-70 per cent. Even though I’m “dieting”, I haven’t seen a reduction in strength (yet!), so it will be interesting to see if this changes as I reach the final weeks of the program.

Monday – Squats
Squats: 20kg x 8, 8, 40kg x 6, 60kg x 5, 80kg x 5, 90kg x 3, 97.5kg x 5 x 3 sets
Paused squats: 67.5kg x 5 x 3 sets
Good mornings: 50kg x 12 x 3 sets
Walking lunges: 12kg dumbbells x 20 x 3 sets
Glute kickbacks: 35kg x 15 x 4 sets (per side)

I already shared this workout last week. It gave me the worst DOMS I’ve had in as long as I can remember. Freakin’ kickbacks.

97.5kg (215lb) squats

Tuesday – Bench
Bench press: 20kg x 10, 10, 40kg x 5, 47.5kg x 3, 52.5kg x 3 x 5 sets
Narrow bench press: 40kg x 8-10 x 3 sets
Cable chest flyes: 15 x 3 sets
Lat raises: 6kg x 20 x 4 sets
Face pulls: 40kg x 15 x 3 sets
Cable woodchops: 15 x 3 sets
Ab wheel roll outs: 10 x 3 sets

My bench is all over the place: some weeks I feel really strong, while others I feel like a weakling. I tend to stick with a certain weight for two weeks in a row, and increase the reps on the second week. For example, last week I did five sets of two at 52.5kg. I absolutely hate when people use the excuse of not having a spotter for being the reason their bench sucks, but I don’t trust anyone here to spot me, and it’s holding me back somewhat.

50kg (110lb) bench press

Wednesday – Cardioooo
In the morning, I went for an hour-long run. It was completely by accident, as I lost track of time running along the coastline. In the evening, I did a dance class. So, yes, far too much cardio.

Thursday – Deadlifts
Deadlifts: 60kg x 8, 80kg x 5, 100kg x 5, 110kg x 2, 120kg x 3 x 3 sets
Straight-legged deadlifts: 70kg x 8 x 3 sets
Barbell glute bridges: 70kg x 15, 110kg x 10 x 3 sets
Seated cable row: 45kg x 12 x 4 sets (last set was a drop set)
Single arm DB row: 22kg x 12 x 3 sets
Incline DB curls: 10kg x 12 x 4 sets

I’m still having grip issues, but at least the bars at my gym here are better than in Italy, so I can actually hold on to 120kg for more than a single rep. 

120kg (265lb) deadlifts

I’m training at Marjan Fitness, which is the best gym in Split. It has all the equipment I need (including three glorious squat racks!) and it’s fairly quiet when I train around midday. The owner is super nice and all the members are very friendly to my non-Croatian speaking self.

110kg (242lb) glute bridge

Friday – Being an island bum
I spent the day on Hvar Island. I must have walked at least 10km, but I spent hours lying around on the beaches to make up for it.




Hvar is just gorgeous! The island was practically deserted, given it’s the off-season. I was on the main beach for three hours, and only saw two other people the entire time.





How gorgeous is that water?!



Hvar’s Old Town is apparently the oldest in Europe.





That evening, I skipped my planned dance class and went out drinking with a friend instead. Five glasses of wine later (!) and I was regretting the fact I had to train in the morning.

Saturday – Overhead
Push press: 20kg x 8, 30kg x 6, 40kg x 5, 45kg x 3 x 4 sets
Seated DB press: 14kg x 10 x 3 sets
Smith machine press: 30kg x 3 sets to failure
Lat raise machine: 12 x 3 sets
Tabata sprints: 8 rounds at 16km/hr

Why I thought it would be a good idea to do tabatas when I was hungover, I do not know. Once I finished my push press sets, I half-assed the rest of my workout – as you can probably tell from the fact I used the smith machine AND the lat raise machine.

Again, I’ve been experiencing a huge variation in my overhead strength so I usually stick with the same weight for two weeks in a row. As with my bench, I did 45kg for five sets of two last week. 

I didn’t take a video, because no one needs to see that, so here’s one from a few weeks ago.

40kg (88lb) push press

I spent the rest of the day in bed, watching my beautiful All Blacks take home the World Cup trophy! Can we please take a moment to mourn the loss of both Dan and Richie from the team? I don’t know how I’m going to live anymore.


I ate a ridiculous amount of food, none of which was suitable to the eight week challenge, so I’m just going to go ahead and pretend this weekend never happened. Hey, just keeping it real.

Sunday – Rest!
Complete and utter rest. After two days of slacking off, I had plenty of work to catch up on… especially considering Em is visiting me on Wednesday!

Do you see a variation in strength from week to week? Did you watch the World Cup?!

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