Top posts of 2015

Top posts of 2015

Greetings from Stockholm! We made it through a freezing Christmas in Oslo and battled a snowy blizzard on our long trip to Sweden yesterday, but we’re finally here.

Dragging my suitcase through that was not fun!

Dragging my suitcase through that was not fun!

Oslo was beautiful, but most things were closed because of the holidays (in most parts of Europe, businesses close down on the 23rd and don’t re-open until at least the 27th). Luckily, we have an Australian friend who now lives in Oslo, and she knew what would be open.



Our apartment was dope, so we didn’t mind hiding out there to escape the cold. Oslo is also crazy expensive (think £7 for a coffee and £3 for a bus ticket!) so we probably did ourselves a favour by staying close to home.




Considering it’s the end of 2015 and all, I thought it would be fun to look at my most popular posts of the year.

10. Gaining weight to get stronger
Sometimes, in order to get stronger, you must purposely gain weight. While this should ideally be composed of muscle, gaining a little extra body fat can help, too. This post explains how and why you may choose to gain weight.

weight gain

9. How to suck the fun out of your holiday
My commentary on a fellow blogger’s somewhat restrictive approach to her Italian summer holiday, compared to my own experience.

Pizza and pasta all day, every day.

8. Competition recaps
I’m cheating with this one, as it’s technically two posts in one, but you guys always like reading about my competition experiences. First up, I competed at a powerlifting meet in February, and then I took part in an England’s Strongest Woman qualifier.

log press june

7. Italian secrets to success
My thoughts on how Europeans seem to eat whatever they want while staying thin. I should add that this is true of every European country I’ve visited in the past six months.


6. 10 nutrition rules: facts or myths?
I break down 10 common nutrition rules (such as “you must never combine fats and carbohydrates” and “you should never eat after 7pm”). Some are true, but most are nonsense!

bikini diet

5. 5 tips to get back on the wagon
This post contains my top tips on how to cope if you fall off the wagon while dieting, and how to set yourself up for long-term success.

monday diet

4. My thoughts on Beachbody
My rantier posts always prove popular, and this was no exception.


3. Pursuing strength across the main lifts
In this post, I laid out how and why it is important to focus on increasing your strength in the main, compound exercises – regardless of your physique goals.

I watched Minna casually bench 118kg/260lbs

2. Nutrition for beginner lifters
I’m surprised at how popular this post was, as I didn’t think that many complete beginners read my blog. But nutrition continues to be a very confusing subject for many, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.


1. Dropping weight without losing strength
My most popular post of the year was something many people are focused on: maintaining or even increasing strength while dropping body weight/fat for competition or anything else. Yes, it’s possible.

weigh in

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and I wish you a happy new year!

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