Paris and detoxes (should never go in the same sentence)

Paris and detoxes (should never go in the same sentence)

Bonjour from Paris! It’s my last full day in Paris, so I want to get out in the beautiful sunshine (it’s been raining pretty much non-stop since I arrived). Today calls for a photo dump and some thoughts about detoxes.

We definitely preferred Stockholm to Oslo. It wasn’t as cold or as expensive, and there was a lot more to see and do.





The highlight of the trip was the ABBA museum. No, I’m not kidding. Even if you aren’t as crazy about ABBA as I am, it is so much fun. I don’t want to give away all their secrets, so just trust me: if you are ever in Stockholm, you must go.


Transfixed by the ABBA TV

Transfixed by the ABBA TV

I had 2.5 hours sleep on New Year’s Eve, and then flew to Paris. My friend and I have practically been attached at the hip for the past three weeks, so spending five days by myself feels super weird!

This is my fourth time in Paris, and it’s largely a “business” trip more than a sightseeing one, as I’m preparing for my big move. I’ve been trying to find a gym in the city, which is damn near impossible. The only good one I’ve found is a gay men-only gym! Gah.

I had to complete the first workout of my group coaching program, so I begrudgingly paid €29 to work out in what was easily the worst gym I’ve ever been to. There were no barbells and no squat rack!

But it’s hard to stay mad when you’re in the most beautiful city in the world…





It rained all day yesterday so I spent four hours in my favourite bookshop.


I am still very much in love with Paris, and I can’t wait to settle down here next month.


The view of the Sacre Coeur from my bedroom!

The view of the Sacre Coeur from my bedroom!


Many people complain about the French, but I love the fact that they stubbornly refuse to speak English. I’ve been having a blast speaking French and have even been mistaken for French a few times! I would stay here forever if I could.

A quick note about detoxes
Last week in my newsletter, I wrote about why detoxes are not necessary after the Christmas/New Year period. Even so, I had two clients email me asking whether they could cut carbs for a few days.

As I said in the newsletter, too many people worry about what to eat between Christmas and New Year’s, when they should instead concern themselves with what they eat between New Year’s and Christmas. A few days of off-plan eating will not hurt your progress. As soon as you go back to eating “normally” (meaning no more Christmas cookies, mulled wine, pies, etc), you will feel better – naturally, without the help of any special diet pills.

By embarking on a crazy detox, you are being unnecessarily restrictive. By assuming an all-or-nothing attitude, you are only increasing your chances of bingeing and feeling worse about yourself than you did originally. I can promise you that after a week or two of “normal” eating, you will feel as good as new.

Although many people gain weight over the festive period, it is usually only temporary water weight caused by eating an increased amount of carbs. Simply up your vegetable and water intake, and your body will naturally detox itself.

On the first day of January, when most people were starting their new diets, I ate a croissant and drank wine. I’m in Paris and life is short! I’ll start my diet (next) Monday 😉

Has anyone out there ever found a good gym in Paris?!

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