Registrations for my next group coaching cycle are now open!

Registrations for my next group coaching cycle are now open!

After recently completing a successful first run with 15 strong, driven ladies, I am pleased to announce that my next group coaching program will begin on Monday April 4.

Some key points:

  • It will, once again, run for eight weeks and focus predominantly on increasing strength among the main lifts (squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press).
  • It is suitable for ladies who want to get more serious about strength training—that may mean simply getting stronger and being the most badass version of yourself, or it may mean toying with the idea of competing (in a strength sport). It’s for women who are interested in training more like strength athletes but don’t know where to start. It’s for women who have already started training for strength purposes but are perhaps unsure of the best way to structure their workouts.
  • This program is not about weight loss, although that can be achieved simultaneously. 
  • The first four weeks will be a base-building/hypertrophy-focused cycle, while weeks five to eight will involve strength peaks and new PRs. Your main lifts will be based off percentages, and will increase each week, while the accessory exercises will vary weekly, meaning you never repeat the same workout. I provide videos and clear instructions for each exercise.

Group coaching is a more affordable way to receive online coaching, and you will benefit from being in a group environment. It was so lovely to have a strong group of women working towards the same goals and cheering each other on!  I will, of course, be available to answer any questions you have regarding your training or nutrition throughout the period.



Here is some feedback from the ladies in my first group: 

“I’d really recommend this as a way to gain not only strength but a lot of confidence in the gym – it was great to have such a variety of exercises with video links to demonstrate. Having the group there to check in on every day also kept me motivated – I didn’t want to let the ladies down and was able to celebrate their PBs too. Good luck to all of you who sign up. You won’t regret it!” – Annie

“I learned so much about what I was able to do and really pushed myself while feeling confidence in the program. It is one with a great takeaway in knowledge and strength; one I would recommend to anyone! I will continue to build on this as I am hooked.” – Karen

“What a great eye-opener for us who are novices! This concise, fun and challenging program is exactly what I needed to help me grow in strength correctly.” – Kylie

“Thank you for such a fantastic program over the last eight weeks. It’s been motivating and has given me the opportunity to push myself and celebrate small and big victories!” – Lindsay 

I will be accepting another 15 ladies on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested, please leave a comment below or email me directly on tara_pig AT hotmail DOT com, and I will send through some more information. 

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