What I eat in Paris

What I eat in Paris

Before I leave Paris (in five days – sob!), I thought I should document what I’ve been eating lately. Throughout my travels, I’ve tended to adapt to the local cuisine pretty seamlessly and happily. This meant I ate a lot of pasta in Italy, meat in Croatia and empanadas in Guatemala.

However, France may be home to my favourite food of all. France is big on the meats, bread, cheese, wine and desserts. Considering that I’ve been trying to assimilate myself into every aspect of the French culture, this means I’ve fully embraced the gastronomy with both hands.

For breakfast, I almost always have three eggs and fruit. I typically buy a baguette two evenings per week, meaning I have the leftover chunk the next morning.


When I can be bothered (usually also twice a week), I walk 30 seconds to my nearest boulangerie and buy a fresh croissant.



Lunch is usually tupp life, as I’m often at French school.


As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been eating a lot of rotisserie chickens, ham, tinned tuna and regular chicken breasts when I feel like treating myself. Haha.


My one healthy French addiction is carrottes râpées, which is basically shredded carrots with lemon, olive oil and parsley.


Between lunch and dinner, I usually have a serve of fruit and two chocolate rice cakes for a snack. I know I’m not following my own advice by making my snack carbohydrate-based, but protein is expensive here!

If I’m out and about, I’ll have a crepe, because… why not?


At dinner time, it’s all up in the air. I’ve been loving steak haché, salmon and soups (I’ve been sick a lot lately!).



I’m also addicted to these prosciutto-wrapped ricotta pieces I buy at the grocery store, which are drenched in olive oil and perfect for eating alongside a crusty baguette. They are on the bottom left of the plate below, in amongst all my other favourite foods.


I eat out twice a week or so, which has almost always been an amazing sensory experience!

Moules frites

Moules frites



I am still to find something I love more than steak tartare, so that is usually my go-to.

But steak tartare is so delicious...


The meal above (at Le Hibou in the 6th arrondissement) was my best in Paris so far. The mashed potatoes were like liquid and the dessert was just mind-blowing. The table next to us ordered it, and I just had to have it. It’s cheesecake served in a freakin’ cereal bowl which comes with melted chocolate to pour over. I’m still in heaven thinking about it.

best ake

If I’m out, I will usually have dessert as I’m not really eating chocolate at home anymore.


Mille-feuille is just the best. (If you needed any more proof that Paris is crazy expensive, my friend and I had two omelettes, two pieces of cake and two coffees for €76! Totally worth it, though.)

mille feuille

Before bed, I have yoghurt and granola. However, my hormones have been going wacky again since I reintroduced yoghurt, so I will give my body another break from dairy when I am in Morocco.


There is nothing better than a crepe at 3am. Like when I was in Italy, I also have at least one glass of wine every day. It keeps the doctor away.


So there you have it! I feel like I need to include a shot of my current figure, so here is my back – built by baguettes and deadlifts. I’m definitely not as lean as I could be, but no one cares.


Were you surprised by anything I ate? Where is your favourite type of cuisine from?

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