Top 5 burgers in London

Top 5 burgers in London

Someone asked me to write this post more than a year ago, but I totally forgot! But, as they say, it’s better late than never.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram or has spent more than five minutes in my company will know that I am burger-obsessed. I was never that fussed about burgers until I moved to London, but now I am an addict. My move to London coincided with the global explosion in specialist burger restaurants, and I have to say London does burgers particularly well. I feel like it’s impossible to live here without going out for burgers at least a couple of times a month.

I feel like it’s impossible to live here without going out for burgers at least a couple of times a month. And it’s kinda healthy, right? I mean, you’ve got your protein in the patty, “healthy” fats in the meat, cheese and bacon, and fries are potatoes, after all.

The best burger I’ve ever had was from The Bird in Berlin (I’ve been back twice, but seemed to have only blogged about it once here). I’ve also had great burgers in France, Guatemala and Australia, but my best burger experiences have been in London.

I could make this list pretty long but I’ve limited it to my top five for the sake of my keyboard, which will soon be covered in drool while I reminisce about such tasty hunks of meat (TWSS). If you live in London or are planning a trip here, be sure to check out these places and tell ’em I sent you! 

5. MEATliquor
The only reason MEATliquor doesn’t score higher is because I think it’s trying to be too hipster (I mean, look at its name). There are a few branches throughout London (although they technically go by other names such as MEATmission and MEATmarket) but the main location feels more like a nightclub than a restaurant. 


They are most famous for their Dead Hippie burger, named after a magical sauce (which is also found on their Hippie Fries). The burgers are kinda on the small side so I never feel completely satisfied, but their off-the-chain desserts fill in any gaps in my stomach!

The picture below is terrible quality (I was clearly drunk on burger fumes), but it shows the deliciousness of the bacon cheeseburger and a chocolate and peanut butter ice cream sundae with caramelised marshmallows and a Reece’s PB cup.


4. Burger Craft
These burgers can be found in five pubs dotted across London (one happens to be a stone’s throw from my London home – it takes all my self-control to not go there every day!). They have a great selection of burgers (including the standard cheese and bacon options as well as mac and cheese, pulled pork and even a fish and chip burger!), which are all perfectly juicy and surprisingly consistent between every pub.


I can also highly recommend the hot and dirty fries, which are served with blue cheese, jalapenos and fiery ketchup.

burger craft

As they are part of English pubs, boardgames are aplenty. What more could you want than a good burger and friendship-ending game of Monopoly? Haha.

3. Dip N Flip
This place is famous for serving their great burgers with gravy. They are also one of the only places you can find poutine in London, which is something more restaurants seriously need to get on board with. AND they offer gluten-free buns, which is of paramount importance in London these days. There are four locations across south-west London.

While all of these places serve pretty awesome milkshakes, Dip N Flip wins simply because you can buy a small glass instead of a giant milkshake (which always feels like too much when you’re also eating a burger and fries #strongwomanfail).


2. Honest Burger
After hearing many people rave about this place, I was disappointed that I ran out of time to try it before I left London permanently last June. Luckily, I have been able to try it during this trip (and I am actually going back this Sunday!). I can now see what all the fuss is about. The fries are probably the best I’ve ever had but a burger joint is obviously about more than the fries, which is why it didn’t take the top spot on my list.

They have 10+ locations (expect to queue – normal for anything good in London!). They offer gluten-free buns and a pretty serious brunch, too!

I'm using their website photo as I forgot to take a picture... I know, who am I?!

I’m using their website photo as I forgot to take a picture… I know, who am I?!

1. Patty & Bun
Nabbing my number one spot is Patty & Bun! I’ve been here at least 10 times and never had a bad burger. My favourite is the Ari Gold (a beef patty with cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, pickled onion, smokey mayo and ketchup <<< simple but that’s why it works!). Order their fries with roast chicken mayo and chicken skin salt and thank me later. 


They only had one location (James Street, behind Selfridges) for a long time which meant that there was always an epic queue to get in, but they have finally opened up more locations recently. There are new restaurants in Soho, Hackney and Liverpool Street as well as in Swingers Golf Club, where I went last weekend.


This post has made me hungry, so thank goodness I’m going for another burger this weekend.

Note: Many people claim Bleecker Street Burger makes the best burgers in London, but I strongly disagree. It reminds me of McDonald’s and is super overpriced for what it is. I’d rather have a burger from one of the more popular chains (Byron or GBK).

Note #2: The only place that I haven’t tried that I really want to is Burger and Lobster, but I don’t know if I can justify spending £20 on a burger. Hmm.

Note #3: This post was not sponsored, but if any of these companies want to give me free burgers for life I wouldn’t complain 😉

Where is the best burger you’ve ever had, in London or elsewhere?

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