Eats of late

Eats of late

As promised, now that I have filled you in on my training in London, it’s time for an eating update. These posts aren’t terribly exciting from my perspective, but I know the curious among you appreciate them.

Usually, when bloggers share what they eat in a day, I think, “Is that it?!” It’s scary seeing bloggers training twice a day while eating minimal carbs and calling bulletproof coffee a “post-workout meal”.

I like to think that I set a good example by eating pretty “normal” food. I eat healthy most of the time but I don’t shy away from foods like bread, pasta and sugar occasionally. This is huge progress from five years ago when I was clean eating-obsessed and too scared to eat a banana, let alone a burger.

The below is representative of what I’ve been eating on a daily basis over the past eight weeks in London.

Breakfast is my pre-workout meal so I have eggs and some kind of carb like a banana (with peanut butter), bread or granola. Since being in Morocco, I’ve become addicted to dates  – it was seriously the only good thing to come out of my experience there! – so I have a couple of those, too.




Paleo pancake with PB, honey and blueberries.

My flatmate is the best and makes me brunch every Sunday.


Real pancakes!


Eggs and avo.

… unless I’m Sunday brunching at The Breakfast Club.


Lunch is usually chicken, rice and vegetables if I’m at home, but half the week I eat out. There are about 50 food stalls and restaurants within a 5-minute walk from my house, so sometimes it’s just easier to grab something on the way back from the gym for around £5.



Staying true to my English roots with a steak pie!




Teriyaki salmon.

I went to Wahaca three times last week. I have a serious problem.


I’ve also been eating plenty of burgers, obviously.


Usually, in the afternoon I will snack on a banana and peanut butter or a protein shake with some hummus and vegetables. And two more dates. I never remember to photograph these things because they’re so not exciting.

Throughout the day I also have four or five coffees. Oops.

In the evenings, I vary between cooking something light (to balance out all of the heavy meals I eat during the day!) or something a little more elaborate if I’m cooking for someone else. I’ve never been a big drinker but lately I’ve been drinking a lot of cider (like three per week, but for me that’s a lot!). Let’s blame it on peer pressure.


I never get sick of salmon and broccoli.


Barbeque chicken, broccoli and potatoes.


Blueberry salmon with a strawberry, almond and feta salad.

duck salad

Duck salad.


Beef stroganoff.

Before bed, I have protein “sludge” with peanut butter or yoghurt and granola. My flatmate also likes to bake a lot of cakes and cookies, which I’m not complaining about. And I conveniently have a frozen yoghurt shop right by my apartment.

There are dates in there, too - told you I'm addicted!

There are dates in there, too – told you I’m addicted!

I have been eating a variation of the same thing for what feels like years. I don’t count calories when I’m not competing and worrying about weight classes, because life is too short for that shiz. I’d estimate that my intake is around 2500 a day at the moment, but once a week I probably hit 3000 to 3500.

I have no reason to track macros now as I’m happy in maintenance mode and I am satisfied with my style of eating. I eat what some would consider a “treat” food almost every day. I do limit my sugar and bread to once a day, but not because of the calories – simply because my stomach bugs me if I eat too much of these foods.

I never feel deprived or guilty about what I eat. I am happy that I have been able to build up a strong metabolism to process all this food. It also helps that I’m extremely active when I’m in London: I typically lift weights five times a week, run twice a week, dance twice a week and walk for around two hours a day.

All these food pictures have made me hungry, so it’s time for breakfast!

What is the best thing you ate this week? How often do you eat out?

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