Serious Strength Training For Women

Serious Strength Training For Women

Today I’m happy to announce the arrival of my second e-book, Serious Strength Training for Women!

I put this e-book together after running two strength-focused group coaching cycles with 30 women. This e-book is a great option for those of you who missed out on a spot or for those that couldn’t afford the cost of the coaching.


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Who is this program for?

  • Women who are looking to become more serious about strength training, whether that means simply getting stronger across the big three lifts or toying with the idea of competing.
  • Women who want to train more like strength athletes, but are unsure how to start.
  • Women who have already started training for strength purposes, but are unsure of how to best structure their workouts.
  • Anyone who has been lifting for at least six months and feels comfortable performing the main lifts with good form.
  • Those who have three to four days available per week to train (each workout takes one hour or less).

The program contains:

  • Eight weeks of workouts focused on strength, with a handy, printable template. You will never repeat the same workout twice.
  • A full exercise guide which contains descriptions and video links to all of the exercises in the program.
  • Information about perfecting your form across the main lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press).
  • Guidelines on the proper way to warm up, incorporate cardio, structure rest periods, substitute exercises, and tackle the mental side of lifting.
  • Information about how to properly test your maxes.
  • Instructions for how to write your own programs in future, following the completion of this one.

You can expect:

  • To add 10-20kg/22-44lbs to each of your main lifts.
  • To learn how to properly train and periodise for maximal strength gains.
  • Although it is not the primary goal of the program, many women reported positive changes in their body composition (i.e. less body fat, more lean muscle tissue).
  • Greater confidence, both inside and outside of the gym.

What my group coaching participants have said:

  • “I had just started dabbling in powerlifting but was unsure of how to work up to testing my maxes, and how often I should do so. Not only have I added almost 100lbs to my combined maxes, but I am now completely confident in programming my own workouts in the future – and hopefully maintaining my great progress!” – Erica

  • “I learned so much about what I was able to do and really pushed myself while feeling confidence in the program. It is one with a great takeaway in knowledge and strength; one I would recommend to anyone! I will continue to build on this as I am hooked.” – Karen

  • “I’d really recommend this as a way to gain not only strength but a lot of confidence in the gym – it was great to have such a variety of exercises with video links to demonstrate. Good luck to all of you who sign up. You won’t regret it!” – Annie
  • “What a great eye-opener for us who are novices! This concise, fun and challenging program is exactly what I needed to help me grow in strength correctly.” – Kylie

  • “I finally achieved something I’d been dreaming about for a long time: I squatted my own bodyweight! I couldn’t be happier and it was all thanks to Tara’s programming and additional tips for achieving the perfect squat.” – Mallory

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