The world is doomed

The world is doomed

I had a different post scheduled for today, but it seems wrong to post something as trivial as a workout post in the aftermath of this election. I know my blog is not political and I know some may view my words as meaningless as arriving after the fact, but I nevertheless believe it is important to spread awareness and show signs of solidarity during such terrifying times.

I stayed up all night to watch the results. For most of that time, I was with some French friends. We were all speechless. None of us predicted in even our worst nightmares that Trump would win.

Although I do not live in America, this decision affects the entire world. I thought we might have learned something from the complete shit show that is Brexit, but I guess I expected too much.

This election has proven to me that racism and sexism are alive and well. We are talking about a man who wants to take rights away from women, gay people and Muslims, among others. He’s the first president to be endorsed by the KKK in hundreds of years, for heaven’s sake!

The way this man speaks about women is disgusting and speaks volumes as to the wider beliefs of the American population. He has been accused of sexual assault by more than 10 women and was still elected president. This is not okay.


When the results were finally announced at 9am local time, I burst into tears. I did not stop crying for two hours. I am still shaking and feel sick to my stomach. I know I am not alone in my reaction and would urge anyone who considers Hillary to be an equally poor candidate to question whether her victory would have brought on the same feelings of despair and fear in so many people.

It boggles my mind that a qualified woman with decades of experience can be beaten by a man who has no business being in politics. This is white male privilege at its finest.


I have not met a single person outside of America who thinks Donald Trump is a good choice for president. At first, the rest of the world was laughing at you. But it’s not a joke anymore; we are scared. This decision does not spell good things for France’s upcoming election, with the equally xenophobic candidate of Marine Le Pen becoming a more likely choice for president.

This election has confirmed that I will never live in America, among so many people that believe Donald Trump is a reasonable choice to lead one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Sorry for getting all political but I’m terrified for our global future. My prayers are with all of my American friends who feel equally shocked and scared on this day.

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