Pictures from my photoshoot!

Pictures from my photoshoot!

Hi, guys! Sorry for the completely sporadic blogging schedule of late, but I’ve been buried in book writing and house/life moving. Now that I’m almost finished with both of those things, I should be able to post more regularly once again.

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Today I realised that I never shared the pictures from the photoshoot I did recently. I did this photoshoot for personal reasons and most of the pictures are a little too risqué for the ol’ blog, but I thought I’d share at least a few. I have no shame and I’m certainly not shy, so look away now if you don’t fancy seeing me half naked!

I shot with Jeremy Phillips in Perth. He was recommended to me by a close friend and was really great. I started off feeling like a deer in headlights, because shooting in next to nothing is super nerve-wracking! Luckily, my best friend was also there to help calm me down.

I call this the preppy cheerleader look!

Jeremy was super professional and helped to calm my nerves as a first timer.

Sorry, mum!

He had some great ideas, and I particularly loved being soaked with water at the end!

I am naked or topless in the rest of them, so that’s all you get, haha!

As I mentioned a while ago, I had been thinking of doing a shoot like this for ages and I’m so glad that I finally bit the bullet and did it. I love my photos!

Have you ever done a photoshoot?

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