Metabolic Damage and Repair: Unlock Your Body’s True Potential

I damaged my metabolism through years of restrictive dieting combined with excessive amounts of exercise. My body refused to lose fat no matter what I tried, my digestive system was extremely poor, and my hormone levels were all over the place.

When I set about trying to repair my metabolism via reverse dieting, there was very little information available online. Doctors had not (and are still yet to) recognise metabolic damage as a medical condition, and I felt alone as I faced what seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle.

Judging by the increasing amount of emails I receive from readers on a daily basis, it seems to be a growing problem and treatment options are not widely discussed. I have spent a great deal of time researching the science behind metabolic damage, and the best way of repairing it.

I currently offer metabolic repair coaching, where I personally assist you through the reverse dieting process. Depending on whether you combine this with a training program, the cost of this personal coaching service varies between $100 and $200 over a 12 week period.

I know not everyone can afford one-on-one coaching, so I put together this e-book in order to reach more people. To date, I have helped more than 100 people repair their metabolisms, and have full confidence in my methods.

If you have any of the following symptoms, then this book is right for you:

  • Difficulty losing weight despite eating less and exercising more
  • A history of restrictive dieting (less than 1500 calories per day) over an extended period of time (six months or longer)
  • A history of low carbohydrate intake (less than 100 grams per day) over an extended period of time, which can lead to insulin resistance
  • Unable to maintain weight on at least 2000 calories a day for women, and 2500 calories a day for men
  • Unable to maintain weight on at least 200 grams of carbohydrates a day for women, and 300 grams of carbohydrates a day for men
  • A poor digestive system, including the development of sudden intolerances and bloating/constipation after consuming a high carbohydrate/fat meal
  • Imbalanced hormone levels, often characterised by an irregular or absent menstrual cycle and a low sex drive
  • Low energy levels and sleep difficulties
  • Poor quality of skin, hair and nails
  • Strong cravings with a tendency to binge
  • Low moods and irritability

Metabolic Damage and Repair: Unlock Your Body’s True Potential

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My e-book contains all the information you need to repair your own metabolism, including:

  1. A scientific explanation of what causes metabolic damage and why it is becoming more common, including a discussion of insulin resistance, digestive problems, poor energy levels and difficulty losing weight.
  2. A checklist for determining whether you have metabolic damage, including a full breakdown of all of the symptoms.
  3. My personal story of how I damaged and subsequently repaired my metabolism, in turn tripling and in some cases quadrupling my previous caloric intake while simultaneously eating all kinds of foods I had previously prohibited myself from eating – such as pizza, bread, pasta, ice cream and cake.
  4. Step-by-step instructions on how to repair your broken metabolism via caloric increases and macronutrient manipulation (particularly focusing on the importance of consuming carbohydrates at all times of day), including a discussion about binge eating, the role of “cheat meals” and developing a healthier relationship with food in general.
  5. A series of 14 meal plans which provide clear instructions as to how increase your caloric intake from any starting point to 2300 calories per day and beyond. The timeline of these plans is flexible based on how your body responds, but the average time period required to work through all of the plans is 30 weeks.
  6. A discussion of the best approach to take towards exercise throughout the metabolic repair journey, including the effect of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise on the body’s hormones and how to best manipulate each form of exercise.
  7. Two variations of a resistance training program designed to best support a healthy metabolism, including a full breakdown of all exercises, sets and repetitions to be performed. These programs are very similar to what I send to my online clients and are suitable for almost every level except perhaps competitors or athletes, who will require something more individualised.
  8. A full list of all the positive and negative symptoms you can expect to experience during the metabolic repair process (digestive and hormonal changes, weight gain, edema, and more), and how to cope with each.
  9. How to identify when you have indeed repaired your metabolism and the ideal next steps to take, including how to know when you can safely begin dieting again as well as how to move towards a more intuitive style of eating.
  10. Suggestions for focusing on non-aesthetic goals throughout the metabolic repair process, which will in turn improve your relationship with food as well as your body image.

Receiving my nutritional metabolic repair coaching over a 30 week period involves a minimum cost of $230, plus an additional $295 for supplementary training programs.

By purchasing my ebook today for $49, you will be paying not even 10 per cent of the cost to repair your metabolism on a one-on-one basis!


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Before becoming a client of Tara’s, I was doing cardio sessions daily, eating a low calorie diet and struggling with PCOS.  Seeing minimal progress, experiencing fatigue and fogginess, and succumbing to many injuries, I knew I needed guidance.  By working with Tara, over time I have been able to increase my calories from 1200 to 2000+ a day and my carbohydrates to 200 to 300 grams a day. Not only have I been able to thrive with energy, strength and stamina, but my mindset is also just a strong. I am able to perform daily musings with ease and energy, and my athletic strength and endurance have improved. I’m also the leanest I have been in a few years! 

Brandi transformation

I currently eat around 2350 calories every day (160p, 250c, 65f). I lift four to five days a week and do no designated cardio aside from my active lifestyle walking the dogs and riding my horses. My weight has stabilised at around 163lbs (I’m 5’8″ tall, and I estimate my body fat is 16-17%). I totally attribute my new-found ability to exercise moderation to Tara reintroducing carbs into my diet. Now that my diet is balanced and I allow myself regular treats, my cravings are almost gone and binges are a thing of the past! My lifts are going up (I recently hit a 120kg squat and 145kg deadlift), my body is taking a great new shape, and now that I am back lifting regularly, I am actually leaning out on those calories. Tara has made me a stronger, better person – physically AND mentally. I can’t thank you enough.


Jennie befores


Jennie afters

Prior to working with Tara I had spent years intensely training three to four hours per day as a competitive boxer while consuming roughly 1400 calories per day. I constantly felt frustrated by the fact that my body did not look as I thought it should with all the time I put in at the gym. Despite my low caloric intake and high volume of exercise, I struggled to maintain my weight. This problem became even worse 10 months ago when I stopped boxing. I felt like I had no control over my body and that the only way to keep my weight down was to continuously decrease my calories.

Over the summer I stumbled upon Tara’s blog and her post on her own experience with metabolic damage. I was shocked to find that her experience sounded exactly like what I was going through. Immediately something clicked and I realized that I was sabotaging my body. I reached out to Tara and I could not be happier that I did. Since then I have worked with Tara for about six months and have almost doubled my daily caloric intake while limiting my gym time to one hour per day, four to five days per week. I have gotten over my previous fear of carbs, eat a balanced diet, am able to treat myself and, for the first time, food does not rule my thoughts. Although I may have gained a few pounds on the scale, I have lost body fat, gained muscle mass and am happier with my body than I ever have been before. This experience has truly changed my life and I cannot thank you enough, Tara!

200+ grams of carbs a day and happier than ever - Kristina

200+ grams of carbs a day and happier than ever – Kristina

My full story is within the book, but I have increased my caloric intake from less than 1200 per day to 3000 to 3500 – and, on some days, even up to 5000. I have gained a small amount of weight in the process, but am much healthier and happier for doing so. What the picture below does not show you is the immense strength and confidence I have gained since repairing my own metabolism, and I only wish I had done it sooner!

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Serious Strength Training For Women

I put this e-book together after running two strength-focused group coaching cycles with 30 women. This e-book is a great option for those of you who missed out on a spot or for those that couldn’t afford the cost of the coaching.

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Who is this program for?

  • Women who are looking to become more serious about strength training, whether that means simply getting stronger across the big three lifts or toying with the idea of competing.
  • Women who want to train more like strength athletes, but are unsure how to start.
  • Women who have already started training for strength purposes, but are unsure of how to best structure their workouts.
  • Anyone who has been lifting for at least six months and feels comfortable performing the main lifts with good form.
  • Those who have three to four days available per week to train (each workout takes one hour or less).

The program contains:

  • Eight weeks of workouts focused on strength, with a handy, printable template. You will never repeat the same workout twice.
  • A full exercise guide which contains descriptions and video links to all of the exercises in the program.
  • Information about perfecting your form across the main lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press).
  • Guidelines on the proper way to warm up, incorporate cardio, structure rest periods, substitute exercises, and tackle the mental side of lifting.
  • Information about how to properly test your maxes.
  • Instructions for how to write your own programs in future, following the completion of this one.

You can expect:

  • To add 10-20kg/22-44lbs to each of your main lifts.
  • To learn how to properly train and periodise for maximal strength gains.
  • Although it is not the primary goal of the program, many women reported positive changes in their body composition (i.e. less body fat, more lean muscle tissue).
  • Greater confidence, both inside and outside of the gym.

What my group coaching participants have said:

  • “I had just started dabbling in powerlifting but was unsure of how to work up to testing my maxes, and how often I should do so. Not only have I added almost 100lbs to my combined maxes, but I am now completely confident in programming my own workouts in the future – and hopefully maintaining my great progress!” – Erica

  • “I learned so much about what I was able to do and really pushed myself while feeling confidence in the program. It is one with a great takeaway in knowledge and strength; one I would recommend to anyone! I will continue to build on this as I am hooked.” – Karen

  • “I’d really recommend this as a way to gain not only strength but a lot of confidence in the gym – it was great to have such a variety of exercises with video links to demonstrate. Good luck to all of you who sign up. You won’t regret it!” – Annie
  • “What a great eye-opener for us who are novices! This concise, fun and challenging program is exactly what I needed to help me grow in strength correctly.” – Kylie

  • “I finally achieved something I’d been dreaming about for a long time: I squatted my own bodyweight! I couldn’t be happier and it was all thanks to Tara’s programming and additional tips for achieving the perfect squat.” – Mallory


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